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Thank you for stopping by to check out some of my work.

My name is Tyke Frost and I'm a photographer operating out of my private studio located in historic Deerfield, NH. My peaceful and scenic surroundings allow me to occasionally move out of the studio and shoot in the great outdoors.

Although I enjoy all types of photography, I concentrate on portrait, pinup, boudoir, senior and fashion/lifestyle. I love working with creative models, if you have an interesting concept, let's work on it together.

If you like my work, please contact me and we'll arrange a session.
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  Point of View Farm Photography

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  <p>Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tyke and I own Point of View Farm Photography, located in historic Deerfield, NH.</p>

  <p>Although I'm interested in all genres of photography, I have particular interest in Pinups, Seniors, and Boudoir. I have my own fully equipped studio, but take full advantage of the farm and country scenes that surround me.</p>

<p> If you're a model or perspective model interested in shooting with me (trade time for pictures), please contact me and we'll arrange your shoot. </p>

  <p>You can contact me by on my cell phone at: (603)490-0683 or (207)370-4130 or Email <a href="mailto: Pointofviewfarm@gmail.com">
  <span class="myEmail">here</span></a></p>

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